Sangwine Schloeffel - (elf) Sangwine is the king of the elves, or the King of Schloeffelonia. Strangely driven to recover communication with his dead love, Bactine. 

Fangline Schloeffel - (elf) Sangwine's brother, who has a penchant for conquering things, and is generally pretty evil. Known as "Captain Faehn Sophelle" in the kingdom of Kazaad only due to the difficulty the natives have with pronouncing "Fang Schloeffel" properly. Fang and Sangwine have a pretty terrible relationship that involves lots of attempted murder and insults. He has the fortune (or misfortune) of having been born a magnifier, which is a person who can exponentially magnify the abilities of a mage. One mage only. 

Al'bert Fromage - (elf) Fang's best friend from childhood, was once the Comte du Fromage, but lost his title by choosing the wrong side in the Great War. Has significant charm magic abilities. Gregarious. 

Camilla Fromage - (elf) Al'bert's sister, also has significant charm magic using her voice. Is engaged to the mysterious Lord Orthridge. Bossy and spoiled, due to a lifetime of getting what she wants. 

Xylic Ward - (half-elf) The Duke of Ward in Schloeffelonia, Sangwine's cousin and best friend. Prickly, good with arrows, doesn't like social situations. 

Idothea Sophelle - (human) Fang's accidental wife bequeathed upon him by Kazaad's former king. Also accidental wife to Zedwig by farcical events. Loves books, and secretly loves magic. Princess of Kazaad. 

Mage Zedwig - (elf) Mage to Fang's magnifier, though their relationship is complicated and probably extremely unhealthy. Generally good, law-abiding, and neurotic. Loves Idothea. 

Hope the Fairy - (fairy) Current fairy-warden of Schloeffelonia and of the royal family. Basically immortal-ish, extremely good, unable to experience mortal emotions, like romantic love, or earth-type sorrow.

James the Fairy - (fairy) Enjoys middling in mortal affairs, or whatever he can do to ease his eternal boredom. Especially fond of Fang due to his tendency to shake things up. Hated by Hope. 

Geeves the Steward - (elf) Duty-bound steward of Schloeffelonia. He basically single-handedly holds everything together. Harbors a long-time crush on Hope. 

Jendy - (human) Just some inn-girl who got caught up in Al'bert's party. It's better than sitting around bored, anyway. Talented with shovels. 

Troll -  (troll) A mountain troll Camilla charmed into becoming her servant, and she's kind of attached to him, now. Sometimes randomly tries to murder other party members. 

Teitnl - (elf...?) The Evil Illusionist that Nobody Likes. What more need be said? He likes lemons a lot. 

Henry Page - (human) Teitnl's enthusiastic apprentice, may or may not actually be sixteen. 

Derf Derfinson - (half-ogre) Very literary half-ogre who serves as an advisor to King Sangwine as well as manages the library of Schloeffelonia. 

Who am I forgetting?