That Time I Married a Psychopath

12th Jul 2016, 2:38 PM in CHAPTER 4: SCHEHERAZADE
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That Time I Married a Psychopath
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monisawa 13th Jul 2016, 4:35 PM edit delete reply
Best line ever. "...Oh."

I probably just boosted the numbers on your views here... (I just read through Lint and Lintier!)

Honestly, I've actually been following Lintier for awhile now, mostly because I liked Pygmaliion in Space and Lintier was the only active project you had going right now. In fact Lintier was pretty disappointing and confusing the whole time I've been following it, but then I decided to see what Lint was all about.... What started as a casual read-through drug me into fully involved, fleshed out plot and story. (Several hours later...GAH!)

I've spent a lot of time writing myself and In Lint there were a few random side-tangents (Need I mention Mystic Dragon -Crystal moon?) and a lot of kissing/love triangle weirdness, but your overall plot was top notch. The planning and preparing must have been arduous to keep all those facts straight from practically the beginning! And I really loved your dialogue and character development (some of my greatest weaknesses. haha)

Personally, I would like to say that what I have here on ComicFury is my best work, but that is not the case (I spend most of my time on illustration and my comic on here is more of silly/fun side-hobby). But the progress and changes I've made on my comic over the past few years was pretty amazing. So when I speak about your art I love the progress/ started out like a child's drawing and evolved into a full blown movie (with a few speed-bumps here and there with style/coloring decision changes). SO great job!

Anyway, I will say that Lintier makes more sense and has a lot more meaning for me now and I look forward to future updates. ^_^
colbyfromage 15th Jul 2016, 10:56 AM edit delete reply
Thank you! You raise some good points about how I don't do any recapping in Lintier, I just assume everyone has read Lint. So if a person hasn't read Lint, Lintier would be super duper confusing :)

Maybe I should put in a disclaimer page at the beginning or something.

Also want to mention this isn't my main side for publishing, and the main site is a few updates ahead. ^_^

EDIT: Actually I super appreciate your comments, because it brought to my attention something I should have done a long time ago (a clear disclaimer page that said, if you don't read Lint first, you WILL be lost, instead of assuming people would pick that up off the website as I do mention it in a few places but not front-and-center). Thanks so much for your comments!!! I put one up at the beginning of Lintier and think that will be super valuable going forward.